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Ease your aches, pains, and worries with a therapeutic CBD gummy that contains the maximum legal amount of THC.

 MADISON, Wisc.Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wild Theory CBD Co., a family-owned CBD company in Madison, Wisconsin, is thrilled to announce its latest and most potent CBD product: Strata Full Spectrum CBD + THC Gummies. The beauty of these impressive CBD gummies—beyond their pure, local, organic hemp—is that they contain the maximum dose of THC (0.3%).

Wild Theory CBD Co. is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Wild Theory CBD Co.’s Strata CBD + THC gummies are designed to take you to new heights – legally!

When CBD products became legal in Wisconsin, it wasn’t long before Tim and Becki O’Brien, co-owners of The Healthy Place, became disappointed with both the accessibility and quality of CBD products. CBD products that fell within a reasonable price range for those who needed them most were often low-quality. Those products with the highest efficacy rate had too high a price for those needy customers within their community could afford. To better help their customers find the health solutions needed, the O’Briens launched their own brand of effective, all-natural hemp products: Wild Theory CBD Co. Their line includes powerful CBD oils, topicals, and gummies, including Strata Full Spectrum CBD + THC Gummies.

  • CBD: 25mg
  • THC: 2.5mg (0.3% per gummy)
  • Flavors: strawberry, mango, or cherry lime
  • Use: relieves pain, anxiety, depression, stress, sleep issues

Compared to similar products, Strata Full Spectrum CBD + THC Gummies target chronic pain, persistent stress, recurring sleep issues, acute anxiety, or bouts of depression. By utilizing the maximum legal amount of THC, these potent CBD gummies easily earn their outstanding reputation. Concerned about consuming too much THC? This effective blend is guaranteed to not exceed the 0.3% legal dose of THC per gummy.

“Our loyal customers kept asking for a stronger CBD product to help with more intense health concerns. After hearing this for months and months, our compassion drove us to meet their needs. That’s how we came up with Strata, our most potent CBD and THC gummy yet!” – Becki O’Brien, co-founder of Wild Theory and The Healthy Place

“We absolutely love hearing how our CBD products change the lives of our customers. And now Strata, our most potent CBD and THC gummy yet, is our go-to therapeutic CBD product!” –Tim O’Brien, co-founder of Wild Theory and The Healthy Place

Wild Theory CBD Co. strives to create innovative, creative, and potent CBD products like oils, capsules, gummies, creams, and balms. All of their high-quality hemp is locally grown in Madison, Wisconsin, and each product is expertly produced to ensure the entire production benefits the plants, planet, and people. With just one taste, you’ll be persuaded to utilize Wild Theory hemp for all of your health concerns!

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Wild Theory CBD Co.'s Strata Gummies will take you to new heights — legally!

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