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How do you stay in the zone when you’re stuck in the house working on a book project? Call www.blaze420.com, order some great grass, and meet some of the coolest delivery drivers in the business.

I decided to smoke a joint, and it was exactly what I needed. Now I was ready to write, I actually felt inspired to start and finish this small book again. And I mean really small. It is really a 30-page book on, you guessed it, “Cannabis”… Did I mention I had seven days to finish it? I realized that the only way I could get this done in this amount of time would be to stare at the screen with laser focus for the next seven days. However, before embarking on this adventure, I ensured I had what all creatives need, or at least just me.

1. A playlist that consists of artists from all Genres.…. It’s my version of everyone that sparks my creativity & motivation. Now, please don’t ask me how I came up with this music playlist. But it’s a real list, and it’s dope! I’ve listed the artist below: 

2. Food Delivery

3. Cannabis or Grass

Artist on the 7 days playlist:

 Ye, Future, 21 Savage, Snoop, Young Dolph, Kendrick, J Cole, YG, Pusha T, Fivio Foreign, Wiz Khalifa, Nas, Jay-Z, Pink Floyd, Migos, Doe B, G Herbo, J-Stone, Nipsey Hussle, Benny the Butcher, Hit-Boy, Outkast, Solange, Playboi Carti, Bino Rideaux, Meek and Drake of course.

I was utterly absorbed by this playlist I had perfectly put together. Then I thought, “I need to decompress at some point, so I added two legends.”. The first is Rick James, and the second is Bob Marley. There you go, my legends! It goes without saying that I love the music, and I like to hear what I want. By the way, now that I think about it, that concert would have been awesome.

Now that the playlist was created. My only other needs were grass and food, and since I am a Postmates Unlimited customer, I knew that food would not be an issue. Now for the grass, flower, pot, weed, bud, 420, etc..whatever you wish to call it! I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the task of driving to pick it up and going out and getting distracted. However, the cannabis universe had other plans. That’s when I saw my neighbor carrying a red bag emblazoned with the words Blaze – www.Blaze.DELIVERY while I was in the lobby of my building. As he walked up the stairs, he smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

The next thing I did was go to the Blaze website. That’s when the 7 day party began that day for me. My next step was to go to the website and l figure out how to order. The website was very easy to navigate and very clear about how to order, and the on-boarding process was easy to complete. Next thing I knew, I was ordering an eighth of a great Sativa strain described as a great daytime strain. I was not disappointed! Day after day passed, slipping into night 7.

DAY 1: Elyon Watermelon Mimosa

Day 2:  Humboldt Farms Orange Creamsicle

Day 3: Loudpack Colombian Mojito

Day 4: Stiiizy Circa

Day 5: Humboldt Farms Orange Acai

Day 6: Stiiizy Circa

Day 7: Elyon Watermelon Mimosa 

On the seventh day, after I finished the 29th page and listened to my playlist for the hundredth time, I was on cloud nine. It felt like I was a hippie who was full of dreams, with aspirations of fame, fortune, love, sex, money, drugs, politics, peace, and love. Meanwhile, I was wondering “why didn’t I finish this project earlier in the month, since I had the time and was available to do it” ?

I had a great time despite the fact that it was random. As I zoned out and enjoyed the dope music, I enjoyed the vibes as well. Not to mention the grass was on fire. All in all, I found it to be a win-win situation.

Peace & Love,

P.s. Keep it Grassy and Classy!

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