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Our team felt compelled to listen to this album from beginning to end, despite not covering music. Why you ask? Because while creating, and working, and smoking amazing White Widow “Grass” from “No Till Kings ” the whole Utopia album played twice and the video was on repeat..So now here’s an article. “ You’re welcome.”

Due to the fact that none of us on the Grassymag.com staff know Travis Scott personally, we can only share our opinions about him. To be fair, we have been hardcore fans since the Rogue Waves EP in 2016. His music has been the soundtrack to many creative nights, and this album is another classic!There’s no doubt about it; Travis Scott is a true musical visionary, breaking new ground in an industry that is often characterized by conformity. As a musician with an unconventional sound, collaborative spirit, and cultural impact, he has earned his place among the elite of music. It is evident that Travis Scott’s musical talents are nothing short of extraordinary as he continues to evolve. Authentic and captivating art in the form of amazing visuals and groundbreaking music sets him apart as a rare human with a divine gift.

Artist: Travis Scott

Album: “UTOPIA”  ✅

Rating: 10/10 ✅

Since I consider myself a serious Sativa enthusiast, it is rare for me to be pleasantly surprised, so I must say this is the best grass I have tasted in a long time. A flower cultivated in living soil is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of in the best way possible ! You can take my word for it. This is an approved product of GRASSY MAGAZINE.

Flower: No Till Kings

Strain: White Widow ✅

Rating: 10/10 ✅

Finally, let me sum it up. Turn on Travis Scott’s album full blast this weekend and enjoy some amazing “White Widow” from NoTill Kings to help you feel more energized and joyful.

Keep it Classy & Grassy..

Source: Grassymag Editor-in-Chief


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