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Safer, More Predictable Edibles by Legacy BIPOC Women Use Pharma-Grade Delivery System and Give Manufacturers in New Mexico Access to Leading Tech and Innovation

The People’s Ecosystem (TPE), a BIPOC women-owned cannabis conglomerate fighting for social-economic equity, today announced Toci Treats™ powered by Unlokt™ from Day Three Labs (DTL), the first proven novel protein delivery technology disrupting the way edibles are developed, delivered and consumed, will hit dispensary shelves in New Mexico before the end of this year.


“As a sixth-generation survivor of the War on Drugs and a native to New Mexico, I experienced the decimation of our communities and am proud to bring edibles powered by Unlokt™ home to help us all heal from that trauma,” said Melanie Davis, COO, The People’s Ecosystem. “Because of our government, legislature and the ingenuity of legacy operators, the regulated cannabis market in New Mexico is producing some of the most diverse, creative brands in the industry that will now have access to superior delivery technology that will set their products apart from anything on dispensary shelves today.”

Toci Treats, already available in the California market, leverages Unlokt™, a pharmaceutical- grade delivery system that packs cannabis within a natural protein and shuttles the cannabis directly into the body’s circulation, protecting the cannabinoids and terpenes and allowing them to be released and absorbed into the bloodstream in their entirety. With decades of pharmaceutical research and expertise behind it, Unlokt™ is an alternative delivery system to nano-emulsions typically used in cannabis edibles, for a safer, cleaner, more predictable and efficient edibles experience.

“We launched Toci Treats with Unlokt™ last year in California because most edibles available were made with nano-emulsions, included chemicals and surfactants or weren’t transparent about the all of their ingredients,” said Christine De La Rosa, CEO of The People’s Ecosystem. “Through Toci Treats and as an Unlokt™ manufacturing partner in this market, we are giving people an opportunity to heal with a safer alternative to alcohol and other edibles on the market, and giving edibles makers across the state access to pharma-grade technology and innovation to produce safer, better products.”

In addition to Toci Treats, TPE is working with Day Three Labs to develop Toci Tabs powered by Unlokt™, a sublingual cannabis edible that melts in your mouth with an onset time of about 5 minutes, the fastest onset of any edible available today.

“We share a mission with The People’s Ecosystem to ensure everyone, especially people most impacted by the War on Drugs, have access to the most innovative, highest quality cannabis products” said Josh Rubin, Co-Founder and CEO, Day Three Labs. “With Unlokt™ and now with Unlokt™,  edibles manufacturers that want to overcome inconsistency in dosing and delivery technologies and address the growing demand for precisely dosed edibles with faster onset times that offer incredible new experiences, can unlock the full potential of cannabis edibles in a new, cost-effective way to enhance the consumer experience and stay competitive.”

To connect with TPE for more information about manufacturing edibles with Unlokt in New Mexico, please visit https://thepeoplesecosystem.com/the-peoples-manufacturing/. For more information about Unlokt™, please visit https://daythreelabs.com/.

Source: Grassymag/PRNewswire/Day Three Labs

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