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Even though cannabis is considered taboo, it has historically been used for medicinal and recreational purposes. While some people may be against the use of marijuana, others believe that it is an herb with natural healing benefits.

Because of its controversial nature, the history of cannabis is difficult to track. However, ancient cultures confirm the marijuana plant’s existence in their societies. In ancient times, marijuana was used for religious and spiritual purposes by various cultures worldwide. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it was used to achieve a higher level of consciousness by reaching nirvana or enlightenment.

It is said that marijuana was used by many ancient civilizations, including Egyptians, Sumerians, Assyrians, and Mesopotamians, in many rituals associated with religion.

Its first recorded use goes back to 4000 BC in Taiwan, where hemp cords have been discovered among the remnants of the early settlements. The Chinese Emperor Shen Nung then wrote about the effects of this psychoactive plant in 2700 BC and called it Ma, which means the “plant with a thousand males.” He is also considered to be the father of Chinese medicine.

The ancient Greeks also used marijuana as medicine. They used it mainly against earache, inflammation, and tormenting menstrual cramps. Also, in India, marijuana has been used since 2000 BC as an anti-inflammatory or to relieve pain.

Cannabis has been discovered in many different parts of the world and has been found in various forms. For example, in Ukraine and Russia, archaeologists have discovered a type of marijuana seeds called hemp seeds, which were found on pottery from 6500 BCE. Hemp seeds are full of nutrients, making them easy to grow and harvest in high quantities without much effort or special treatment.

In European countries such as Germany, France, and England, cannabis was used in the mid-19th century against rheumatism, gout, and other inflammatory diseases that often led to hospitalization at the time. Until 1910 marijuana was banned in Mexico and subsequently introduced by Mexican immigrants into the USA. The Americans then prohibited cannabis entirely in 1937. Even though it is illegal in most countries around the globe, there are a few countries where it has been legalized for recreational and medicinal purposes.

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