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The Hemp Blockchain, Inc., the company building advanced cloud-based solutions to accelerate the growth of the industrial hemp industry and revolutionize the quality of carbon credits available to companies seeking to balance their CO2 emissions, today announces a partnership with FFES Environmental. 

FFES Environmental, a 100% Indigenously owned company, and a part of The Sucker Creek First Nation of Alberta Canada will support The Hemp Blockchain in its XPRIZE Carbon Removal submission as Partner in the Environmental Justice portion of the $100 million dollar competition.  FFES is part of the Treaty 8, First Nation tribes of Alberta, Canada and will provide resources and lands for creation of sustainable eco-friendly communities centered around the production and processing of hemp.

By “tokenizing” sequestration information the company will increase the amount and quality of carbon credits available for purchase to companies needing to offset their production of CO2 to meet their CSR and ESG commitments.  The high-quality carbon credits will be designed for the voluntary carbon credit market, with blockchain technology and “The Carbon Protocol Initiative” the company plans on exceeding all current validation standards.

“The Hemp Blockchain environmental justice strategy is a perfect fit for our new partners,” Said Dan Higbee, CEO of the Hemp Blockchain. “Now that we have separated completely from our former board, and acquired 100% interest in the company, we can focus on business opportunities that focus on planet and people before profit, our new partners and board of directors possess the attitude and commitment required to heal natural environments and communities, as well as the intellectual and financial capital to make it happen.”

“We have a duty to ourselves, families, communities, and nations to consider how our present-day decisions will impact our descendants. We need to build a culture that respects the world and is thankful to the Creator for their sustenance. The Seventh-Generation value takes into consideration those who are not yet born but who will inherit the world,” said Aaron Pritchard, Director of FFES Environmental.  “The land is a living organism, we need to be conscious of how we interact with the planet. The Hemp Blockchain naturally aligns with First Nations’ belief in investing in planet and people before profit.”

The Hemp Blockchain, also announced a $10 million seed round, with preparations for Series A in the works for Q3 2022.


SOURCE: The Hemp Blockchain

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