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Fohse Partners with Calvin Johnson Jr. & Rob Sims to Equip their Michigan based Cannabis Cultivation Facility

 Today, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Calvin Johnson Jr., along with his co-founder of PrimitivRob Sims, and Fohse, announced their new exclusive partnership where Fohse will equip Primitiv’s Michigan based cannabis cultivation facility with state of the art LED fixtures to increase and optimize its cannabis production.

Rob Sims and Calvin Johnson Jr. in their grow lit by Fohse LED lights.

Fohse announces exclusive partnership with founders of Primitiv, Football Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims

Calvin Johnson Jr., and Rob Sims, former NFL teammates, founded Primitiv in 2021.  The company is dedicated to the advancement of cannabis as a form of elevated wellness.  Both  Johnson and Sims suffered from the long-term effects of the physical and mental punishment sustained during their playing careers.  As they explored ways to achieve a higher state of healing, Johnson and Sims discovered that the cannabis plant holds incredible potential as a healing agent.

Primitiv’s vision is to positively impact the global cannabis industry, changing stigmas and stereotypes by educating people about the plant’s benefits and producing innovative products that help people and athletes optimize their wellness through plant-based medicine.

To reach these goals and dominate the cannabis industry as they did the football field, Primitiv has teamed up with Fohse – the leading manufacturer of LED grow lights. Fohse has outfitted the cultivation facility with their state-of-the-art fixture model The Scorpio, a 1000 W industrial grow light.

Calvin Johnson Jr. says: “I truly believe in the healing power of the plant and it’s our mission to educate the public about our mission to help break down the stigmas associated with cannabis, while also pushing the envelope in product innovation.  Part of growing quality product comes from surrounding yourself with the best team possible, and after doing our research, we have decided to partner with Fohse since they make the best grow light on the market”.

Rob Sims adds: “The Scorpio LED light is allowing us to optimize our grow and increase our yields to increase our production while producing an extremely high-quality product. We want to bring this product to anyone searching for mental or physical relief, specifically those who are looking for a natural, plant-based remedy to what ails them.”

Brett Stevens, CEO of Fohse, says: “We support Calvin and Robs mission to reach a higher state of healing and we want to help set up their grow to its full potential. At Fohse we love working with athletes and we want to make sure that quality products are being made available for all consumers”. Co-founder of Fohse, Ben Arnet adds: “Using our LED lights will not only increase their yields but also be energy sustainable as our lights need much less energy than traditional grow lights. We are so excited about this partnership and Primitiv’s future harvests”.

Fohse has installed the Scorpio in Primitiv’s grow room one and the plants are thriving, producing the best yields out of that room’s history since the lights were installed, while also saving costs due to the functionality and energy efficiency of the lights themselves.  Primitiv will continue to build out its grow facility in partnership with Fohse and plans to have its grow rooms bathed with the Scorpio LED lights by this fall.

LAS VEGASSept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —


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