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Ecommerce Attribution for Cannabis Media Measurement The addition of ecommerce attribution to the Surfside Attribution Platform will be offered for free to all clients for the next six months 

The addition of ecommerce measurement to Surfside’s Attribution Platform allows customers to visualize campaign metrics, store visitation and ecommerce sales in one single view. Real-time ecommerce attribution combined with retail foot traffic measurement provides advertisers with a complete picture of the path to purchase, offering transparency and insight to aid in better media optimization decisions.

“Our biggest goal at Surfside is to turn first-party data into an asset for media performance and sales for our advertisers,” says Michael Blanche, co-founder at Surfside. “By clearly visualizing exactly which channels, ad creative and audiences are driving the strongest return on ad spend, real-time ecommerce attribution allows our clients to use their own sales data to improve the performance of their marketing initiatives.” 

With the addition of real-time ecommerce attribution, users can:

  • Change attribution windows to measure ad performance. Adjust attribution windows from 1-hour to 30-days and anywhere in between to truly understand ad performance through multi-touch attribution.
  • Optimize campaigns as they happen. Integrating the measurement platform to the Surfside DSP (advertising platform) allows campaign optimizations based on ecommerce events, like completed checkout, or abandoned carts to bring back relevant consumers.
  • See the customer journey at scale. Easily calculate overall lifetime value by seeing how and when customers begin the journey, how long it takes them to make a purchase, and how ads impact the buying cycle.
  • Measure omnichannel media across multiple platforms. Surfside’s attribution platform can measure media across any third-party platform, tying advertisements from desktop, mobile, tablet, OOH, TV and more to ecommerce and store visitation results in one dashboard.

As customer journeys get more complex and attribution gets more crucial than ever, Surfside continues to build best-in-class reporting to give advertisers the control they need to understand ad performance alongside overall business metrics. By offering a truly real-time view of ecommerce sales and return on ad spend in a single dashboard, real-time ecommerce attribution makes advertising with Surfside as transparent as possible.


Surfside is an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates first-party data across all customer touchpoints, allowing advertisers the ability to better understand, target, and measure how to influence current and future customers. Powered by the only cannabis-focused customer data platform (CDP) with a complete view and opinion on the cannabis consumer, Surfside enables cannabis businesses to find and attract qualified consumers through the monetization of their online and in-store audiences.

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Surfside Solutions Inc. (“Surfside”), an end-to-end marketing technology that aggregates first-party data across all customer touchpoints, today announced the launch of real-time ecommerce measurement to the Surfside Attribution Platform, a self-service measurement tool that allows dispensaries, brands and delivery companies the ability to visualize online sales that are directly attributed to their digital and traditional media campaigns.

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Scott Cianciulli
The Plunkett Group
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SOURCE Surfside Solutions Inc.

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