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Location is the First at the Company to Affiliate with the Union

With 97 percent of those participating voting in favor of representation, workers at the Sunnyside Dispensary in Schaumburg, Ill. have voted to join Teamsters Local 777. The facility is the first Sunnyside location to affiliate with the Teamsters Union.

grassymag.com-International Brotherhood Of Teamsters. (PRNewsFoto/International Brotherhood of Teamsters)

“This is the third cannabis election we have won in the town of Schaumburg alone,” said Jim Glimco, Local 777 President. “We have momentum on our side in this industry, and it’s an honor to officially represent the passionate, visionary, dedicated group of people at this dispensary.”

The Prairie State’s recreational cannabis industry has been expanding by leaps and bounds since it was legalized in 2020 – according to Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, cannabis sales increased by $445 Million over the past fiscal year, a 50 percent increase from the year prior.

“This is an industry with a lot of money being made in a very short period of time, but no matter how many players there are in this industry, we have the same goal at all of them,” said Peter Finn, Teamsters Food Processing Division Director. “Turn these jobs into prosperous, middle-class careers with a strong Teamster contract.”

“We deserve to have a voice,” said Kelly Wargo, a Wellness Advisor at the Sunnyside Schaumburg dispensary. “It’s time to re-establish our human rights in the workplace. With over 100 years of actions that speak louder than words, I trust no one more than the Teamsters to have our backs during this process.”

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

SOURCE: Teamsters Local 777

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