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The collab combines high quality oil, artisan flavors and rapid onset times in a premium product line

Kanha and Buddies, two award-winning brands in the consumer cannabis space, joined forces to deliver their first Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Gummies. The first in an ongoing series of limited-edition products reflects consumer demand for experiencing the natural effects of the flower in edibles. This true partnership, which included deep exchanges between two powerhouse brands on exactly the right strains and flavors to incorporate, resulted in two premium products, BaNANO Gummies and Kañha Colada Gummies, featuring compelling flavors, fast activation and the finest strain-specific distillate-free live resin oil.

Widely considered the best tasting gummies in the industry, Kanha premium gummies are made with all-natural ingredients and a focus on quality, providing a reliable, consistent experience, and Buddies’ full-spectrum Liquid Diamonds is renowned for its uncut live resin full-spectrum experience. Buddies uses a proprietary process to decarboxylate THC-A crystals (or “Diamonds”) within the original high-terpene extract to maintain the genuine cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the plant. Pairing the excellence of Buddies’ soil-to-oil live resin with the exceptional flavor and fast-acting effects of Kahna gummies make this one of the most exciting collaborations of the year.

BaNANO Gummies delivers a dreamy indica-leaning hybrid experience with Blue Banana, a cross between Blue Dream and Banana OG, for flavor reminiscent of a decadent bananas foster with a fresh floral finish. Kañha Colada Gummies offers a sativa-leaning tropical escape with Sour Strawberry, crossing Sour Bubble with Strawberry Cough, Razz and East Coast Diesel for sweet notes of pineapple, coconut and berries with a soft peppery kick. Each package of gummies contains 10 pieces with 10mg of THC each, and are currently available exclusively in California.

“This wasn’t a product idea in search of a partner but rather a desire to work with Buddies on a true collaboration that we crafted together from the start,” explained Cameron Clarke, Co-Founder and CEO of Sunderstorm. “We firmly believe that Buddies high-quality live resin Liquid Diamonds paired with our deliciously matched flavors and scientifically peer-reviewed fast-acting gummies are a combination that will be compelling and in high demand.”

Shelly Tallabas, CMRO of Buddies Brand, added, “We are proud to join forces with Sunderstorm in a strategic collaboration that underscores excellence by pairing two preeminent brands, each bringing its complementary core strengths to the table, to deliver compelling innovation to our consumers. We look forward to this exciting journey with the Kanha team as we elevate #collabsthatmatter.”

Kanha cannabis-infused gummies are available at more than 700 licensed retailers across the state of California. For more information on Kanha products, please visit kanhatreats.com.

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