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Precisely Formulated to Help You Unwind & Relax Into Bliss

According to the CDC, 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems, so we knew STIIIZY could make a big impact in our fans’ lives by developing products to help you unwind and relax. Now, after a lot of time and effort in the lab, we’re finally ready to unveil our new line of CBN Gummies.

STIIIZY 2:1 THC to CBN Edibles

Available now in three delicious berry flavors – Crimson Berry, Midnight Berry, and White Berry – and retailing for $14, each package is segmented into 10 servings of 10MG THC and 5MG CBN (2:1 THC to CBN). Our CBN gummies are now available at California STIIIZY retail locations and other fine cannabis dispensaries.

These delectable edibles are precisely formulated to harness the potential relaxing properties of cannabinol (CBN) and are packed in a delicious gummy to deliver a long-lasting and peaceful high that may help combat restlessness, nausea, and stress.

As we’ve written about in-depth, while peer-reviewed research on CBN is limited due to the federal designation of cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance, anecdotal evidence shows a wide variety of promising benefits, and initial studies around CBN as a sleep aid and neuroprotectant have been promising.

In addition, there’s mounting evidence that cannabinoids work best together in the “ensemble effect“, which is why we’ve developed our CBN gummies to offer a 2:1 THC to CBN combination and help unlock the full healing potential of the plant.

Visit our CBN product page to learn more and find a delivery or retail option near you.

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