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Made for Women By Women: StellaVia’s  Doctor-Formulated, Solution-Based SuperBotanicals™

Reignite A Woman’s Vibrance

By 2025, more than one billion women are expected to have entered menopause. Historically this life stage has been under researched, misrepresented and continues to be a taboo. Today StellaVia introduces holistic, doctor-formulated solutions responding to the needs of these women. StellaVia shifts the paradigm to inspire women to thrive in their wellness journeys, by offering innovative by-women-for-women products infused with doctor-formulated SuperBotanicals™ in artfully designed packaging. The brand uniquely meets women at every need state while navigating menopause by offering a portfolio of over 25 products, a community of support and wisdoms that inspire women to thrive in their wellness journey.

StellaVia Product Launches

Founded by Carol Mehas, a former beauty industry executive, alongside Dr. Jessica Shepherd, a Gynecologist and Founder of Sanctum Med + Wellness, and Dr. Allyson Shrikhande a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation MD and Chief Medical Officer of Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine, StellaVia is here to light the way to wellness for a new generation of women All three are mothers, renowned innovators and are deeply devoted to caring for women while also sharing their wisdom with those looking for answers as they journey through menopause. This women’s innovation group is designed to shift the paradigm of women’s wellness from telling to listening to what women want and need all while kicking taboos to the curb, and delivering exceptional products that actually work.

Nearly 6,000 US women reach menopause daily and will be seeking relief, advice and community within an industry that historical has not offered it.

“Every woman wants to be her best self,” said Carol Mehas, StellaVia Founder and CEO. “And we have uniquely combined a wealth of wisdom with highly efficacious products to make a real difference in the daily lives of women. If help is out there, why not share it?”

Style and efficacy are at the cornerstone of the brand. StellaVia’s innovative products are doctor-formulated SuperBotanical™ and CBD-sourced solutions in reimagined product forms designed to maximize benefits; resulting in delights that make feeling better a naturally authentic experience.  All StellaVia products are encapsulated in iconic, artist-designed packaging that will do your purse proud.

“As a menopause specialist, I have seen so many women in the menopausal transition that need more options and desire a holistic option in addition to medical offerings,” shared Dr. Jessica Shepherd, StellaVia Co-Founder. “StellaVia offers a new style to menopause and the symptoms that may come with this stage in life.”

Highlights of StellaVia’s innovative products include:

  • SuperBotanical™ Sore Muscle Gel – (also available in a convenient Roll On!): This proprietary essential oil blend contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil to assist in fast penetration for temporary relief of sore, stressed out and overworked muscles. Anti-inflammatory Eucalyptol helps to soothe headaches and neck pain. Some of the best features of this product is the quick absorbing formula leaves no sticky residue, only moisturized skin, making it perfect for pre or post workout routines. Roll on wherever you feel muscle tightness – your muscles will thank you.
  • SuperBotanical Hot Flash Spritz: Infused with cooling Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, soothing Glycerin and anti-inflammatory Eucalyptol, this product immediately cools and refreshes while leaving a youthful glow on skin; turn your hot flash into a power surge without missing a beat. The spritz won’t stain clothing or alter makeup, in fact it makes your look last longer. Including taking away those frustrating hot flashes!
  • SuperBotanical™ Meno Mix Patches: The perfect way to combat many symptoms of menopause, this specialized assortment of botanical formulations can be used anytime to ease body aches, energize tired feet and help you get the most out of a good night’s sleep! Menopause is no match for these no mess, latex-free patches. Finally, solutions worth celebrating! You are not alone in this journey.
  • SuperBotanical™ Calming Tonic: Contains a proprietary blend of Alpha Terpineol and Nerolidol for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. To better help improve digestion and enhance blood circulation, Borneol was added alongside Myrcene to calm and soothe the body when anxiety or stress surfaces. This sublingual tonic takes effect 30 seconds after ingesting it.
  • SuperBotanical™ Calm SmartTarts – Formulated with affron ® which has been scientifically studied to improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Delivered with 10 mg of CBD to keep you calm, cool and collected all in a delightful dissolving tablet. Now that’s a very Smart Tart!
  • SuperBotanical™ Energy GumDrops – Not a sugar rush…but a healthy energy booster! They may taste like a treat, but they also offer the well-being benefits of CBD, the flavor of natural fruit juices and a low sugar coating to keep blood levels from spiking. Win today with these must-have pick-me-ups.

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SOURCE: StellaVia

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