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Marijuana was first legalized in Washington and Colorado in 2012. People in favor of legalizing Marijuana say that it will benefit the economy and create thousands of jobs.

It will also reduce racial disparities regarding marijuana enforcement and take the business away from the drug cartels. Legalizing will also help spread its safer use of proper packaging testing and labeling.

People against legalizing marijuana present the facts associated with the effects of Marijuana on the teenage brain. It will lead to more medical emergencies such as traffic deaths due to driving while high.

They say that costs will outgrow benefits with increased hospital visits and environmental damage. It also includes addiction treatment, lost productivity, workplace accidents, crime, and many others.

Interesting facts about Marijuana

Over half of the US adults or more than 128 million people have used Marijuana despite being an illegal drug as per federal law. Over 600,000 Americans have been arrested for its possession.

Public support for legalizing this drug has gone up from 12 percent in 1969 to over 66 percent in 2018. But both sides in favor or against legalizing it have some strong points to support their claims.

Pros of legalizing Marijuana

  • Legalizing Marijuana will boost the economy and will create more jobs.
  • The legalization of Marijuana will help in reducing its use among teens.
  • Traffic arrests for DUIs can reduce if Marijuana is legalized. This is because drivers under the influence take fewer risks than drunk drivers and make fewer lane changes.
  • Legalization will also regulate Marijuana for consumer safety. Safer packaging and labeling will be implemented.
  • It will also help phase out black markets and take money away from drug cartels and street gangs.
  • It will also free up any police resources for marijuana law enforcement.
  • Another one of the marijuana facts is that the plant is much less harmful than alcohol, and tobacco is already legal.

Cons of legalizing Marijuana

  • Legalizing Marijuana will increase teen use.
  • Traffic accidents and deaths can increase.
  • Marijuana is addictive, and it can increase dependency.
  • The black market will benefit from marijuana legalization.
  • It can improve mental health problems.

It can cause lost productivity and workplace safety.

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