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Novel puck-shaped design provides K-cup-like simplicity and convenience with infused, fresh-compressed natural flower.

For a limited time, each purchase of 3 Huue tins allows customers to receive a G-Pen Dash inside of HUUE’s gift box set; G-pen is HUUE’s official vape partner 

HUUE™, the country’s first fresh-compressed, infused cannabis puck, today announced the launch of its first three Effects, “Get Sh*t Done,” “ROFL,” and “Un(wine),” now available in Massachusetts. HUUE™ pucks are the most convenient way to vape or smoke infused cannabis flower without the drawbacks of traditional vaping or smoking. Just pick an effect, pop a puck into your favorite vape, pipe, or bong, and achieve your desired outcome.

Introducing HUUE, America's first fresh-compressed, infused cannabis puck for clean, convenient dry herb vaping.

HUUE™ pucks are travel-friendly, ready-to-vape or smoke, and packaged in award-winning child-resistant and odor-proof tins. While the pucks can be used with nearly any dry-herb vaporizer on the market, combined with a HUUE™ vaporizer made by GPen, which produces little to no visible vapor, HUUE™ is the most discreet and convenient dry-flower vaping option on the market.

Additionally, consumers can skip the trial and error of strain selection, dosing and messy grinding, because HUUE™ pucks are pre-dosed and crafted by selecting locally sourced craft strains to support desired mood states.

HUUE™ is for the active consumer who prioritizes convenience and wants a consistent experience every time. HUUE is thrilled to enter the Massachusetts market with its unique fresh-compressed flower pucks from top cultivators like Resinate and The Heirloom Collective, that consumers already know and love.

Each HUUE™ tin contains seven infused pucks that can be used individually in nearly any dry herb vaporizer, bong, or glassware. Currently available at select retailers in Massachusetts, with more locations coming soon, HUUE™ has three initial SKUs:

To learn more about HUUE™ , visit https://www.huue.co.

BOSTONOct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/


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