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Breeding Deal with Three-Time Emerald Cup Winner Adds Depth to Phinest’s Genetic Library

SACRAMENTO, Calif.Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Phinest Cannabis, California’s leading cannabis micropropagation nursery and operator of North America’s largest cannabis tissue culture facility announces a new licensing agreement with Symbiotic Genetics. Under the agreement, Phinest nursery is granted a license for two cannabis cultivars, one exclusively, for sale to licensed cultivators and retailers throughout California.

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Founded in 2014, Symbiotic Genetics has proven their reputation as a leading California genetics team, introducing strains like Purple Punch 2.0, Mimosa, Banana Punch, and Wedding Crasher to market. Trey Ish, President of Symbiotic Sacramento says, “Symbiotic Genetics is very excited to team up with Phinest, the pioneer of commercial cannabis tissue culture. Our agreement allows for our premium genetics to be delivered as vigorous, disease-free plants to both home and commercial growers throughout California.” The agreement adds the strains Orange Malt and Amarelo 9 to the Phinest nursery catalog. Matthew Wich, COO of Phinest Cannabis comments, “Working with Symbiotic and bringing their strains to market through our nursery platform builds on Phinest’s reputation as a purveyor of elite cannabis cultivars. We are also stoked to be working with another Sacramento-based cannabis company and look forward to this licensing agreement as the kickoff of a strong locally-rooted relationship.”

Phinest Cannabis and Symbiotic Genetics will be Co-Sponsoring this year’s Emerald Cup “Harvest Ball” in Santa Rosa, CaliforniaDecember 10 – 11, 2022 in Building B- Booth #129 to showcase their teams’ work.

Phinest Cannabis’ mission is to empower commercial cannabis growers and home growers with 100% disease free, generation zero tissue culture clones and teens, reflecting the most desirable and flavorful genetics. Since 2018, Phinest has produced millions of healthy, vigorous cannabis clones and recently opened the largest cannabis tissue culture nursery in North America, capable of producing 18 million clones per year. For more information, visit PhinestCannabis.com. If you are a grower, journalist, social media content creator or industry analyst and would like to arrange a tour of the Phinest tissue culture facility in Sacramento, CA, please contact us at clonesales@phinestcannabis.com.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/

Source: Green Capital Investments

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