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The three icons will be at the booths of their distinguished partners, Futurola, LGNDS, Grenco Sciences, Toobs Distribution, and HSWSupply.

Mike Tyson, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan will appear at the CHAMPS Trade Show on July 20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center starting at 2 pm on behalf of Carma HoldCo, the global leader in licensing for legends.

The three icons will appear on behalf of their Carma HoldCo brands, Tyson 2.0Ric Flair DripWooooo! Energy, and Immortal by Hulk Hogan, at the booths of their respective partners, Futurola, LGNDS, Grenco Sciences, Toobs Distribution, and HSWSupply.

“We cannot wait to have three of the biggest names in pop culture for an unforgettable experience at CHAMPS on July 20th,” said Chad Bronstein, Chairman and President of Carma HoldCo. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for buyers, distributors, and fans to see these legends together alongside our distinguished partners.”

Those partners include:

  • Futurola (Booth #2006) is a leading producer of world-class rolling and smoking accessories like the Futurola x TYSON 2.0 Blunt Cones, a masterful blend of tobacco-free, cruelty-free, blunt paper and terpenes from Tyson’s favorite strain, the Toad.


  • LGNDS (Booth #5153) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of unique consumer products in hemp, tobacco, and over-the-counter goods, like Wooooo! Energy, with a portfolio of legendary licenses, including Mike TysonRic Flair, and Future.


  • Grenco Science (Booth #13023) pioneered advanced cannabis vaporizers and has developed and engineered cutting-edge hardware since 2017, like the new Tyson 2.0 x G Pen Hyer. This intuitive, dual-use vaporizer delivers best-in-class flavor and vapor production.


  • Toobs Distribution (Booth #3099) is the leading distributor of premium smoking accessories on the West Coast, servicing over 2,000 retailers, and in partnership with Known Better Brands, is the exclusive glass and accessory licensee for Tyson 2.0 and Ric Flair Drip.


  • HSW Supply (Booth #13007) is the go-to source for vape and smoke shops nationwide seeking a one-stop-shop wholesaler. HSW Supply will unveil a selection of Immortal by Hulk Hogan products at Champs

See the three icons at the premiere counterculture trade show on July 20 in Las Vegas.

SOURCE: PRNewswire/ Grassymag/Carma HoldCo


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