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Get ready to meet a Chicago Bears icon like never before! The legendary Monster of the Midway, Jim McMahon, is thrilled to announce the unveiling of his exciting new product line, Mac9 by Revenant.

Join them on Thursday, September 28th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., at Stash Dispensaries – Orland Hills, as Jim McMahon himself introduces his latest venture to the world.

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Stash Dispensaries – Orland Hills

9545 167th St ,Orland Hills, IL 60487

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Jim will be available for photos and will graciously be signing autographs for fans who make a purchase from his groundbreaking new line.

What sets Mac9 by Revenant apart? Cannabis! This transformative plant played a pivotal role in Jim’s life, leading him away from a reliance on 100 Percocets a week towards a more natural, holistic solution. Jim’s journey is not just about products; it’s about embracing the power of nature to enhance well-being.

So, come join us, Bear Down, and show your support for this Super Bowl hero who helped bring a championship to our incredible city! This is a chance to meet an NFL legend, celebrate innovation, and learn more about the potential of cannabis for wellness.

Don’t miss out on this historic event! Mark your calendar for September 28th and be part of the exciting Mac9 by Revenant launch. Let’s champion a healthier, more natural way of living together with Jim McMahon!

For more information and to check out our latest menu, please visit us at www.stashdispensaries.com

Source: Grassymag/PRNewswire/Stash Dispensaries

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