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Marijuana Packaging, a leading cannabis packaging supplier, is launching a new vape brand that promises to transform the industry.

Top cannabis packaging supplier, Marijuana Packaging, is launching a new vape brand called RAE™. RAE stands for Refined Atomizer Engineering, which is what the brand aims to embody. RAE Vapes is focused on transforming the industry by pushing the limits of engineering to create the best vaping experience.

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Marijuana Packaging, a major cannabis packaging supplier, is launching a new vape hardware brand called RAE.

RAE’s product line-up includes vaporizer cartridges, batteries, and disposable vapes. While most vapes in the industry utilize hardware that is susceptible to leaching heavy metals, RAE™ has been tested and certified by independent third-party laboratories for safety across their various product types. RAE™’s products are made of premium FDA-approved food-grade materials that are safe for consumers and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

RAE™ has developed a number of innovative ceramic coils. These include the standard coil, mesh coil, notch coil, and their flagship Ultra core. Each of their cores are made from their in-house manufactured ceramic, allowing them to have consistent sourcing and reliable materials. Furthermore, RAE’s products come in a variety of styles that allow for oil brands to utilize a wide selection of their hardware to choose from to suit their messaging.

Along with RAE’s high-end technology, they also offer a variety of services such as brand customization, mobile viscosity testing, total particulate matter testing, extensive stress testing, as well as custom filling machine templates. This variety of hands-on services makes RAE™ Vapes a very attractive option for concentrate brands of all sizes.

VERNON, Calif.Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/

SOURCE: Marijuana Packaging

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