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A distribution partnership has been established between Kiva Sales and Service and Seed Junky

KSS Becomes Exclusive Distributor to Increase the Brand’s Customer Reach Across California and Aid in Developing Premium SKUs at Everyday Prices

Seed Junky, one of the most premier breeders both in California and globally, today announced an exclusive partnership with Kiva Sales and Service (KSS), the industry-leading sales and distribution platform offering dispensaries a complete suite of curated best in class brands, acting as their exclusive distributor to further the brand’s goal in becoming completely California customer accessible.

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“We have watched Kiva lead the distribution space, as best in class, for the past few years,” commented Seed Junky Founder JBeezy. “So when the opportunity to partner with a brand like KSS presented itself, collaboration was imminent. We are extremely excited about this addition to the Seed Junky family and what it could mean for taking our genetics and products to the next level.”

In addition to widening Seeding Junky’s reach across the California market, the two brands will work together to further develop premium SKUs at everyday, affordable prices, with plans to launch new Genetics into the California market throughout the year.

“Seed Junky delivers a combination of quality, consistency and value – all attributes we look for when determining brands for our portfolio,” said Brooks Jorgensen, President of Kiva Sales and Service. “We’re thrilled at the opportunity to partner and to act as their exclusive distribution partner to help the brand further reach consumers across California.”

Kiva Sales and Service has extensive experience in elevating groundbreaking products, while offering a visionary approach to connect with untapped cannabis consumers. This new strategic partnership will facilitate significant expansion of Seed Junky products throughout California by strategic deployment of distribution resources, and an integrated sales approach achieved through collaboration between Seed Junky and KSS sales teams.

For more information about Seed Junky’s product offerings and retailers, please visit https://www.seedjunky.com/.

LOS ANGELESNov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/

SOURCE: Kiva Sales and Service

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