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Kiva Sales and Service Will Help Introduce CHERRYWORLD, A Modern Lifestyle Brand, Into The California Market

CHERRYWORLD, the world’s first true cannabis-centric lifestyle brand, today announced an exclusive partnership with Kiva Sales and Service (KSS), the industry-leading sales and distribution platform offering dispensaries a complete suite of curated best in class brands, to launch its brand of high quality indoor flower, fashion apparel, and accessories into the California market.


“We’re thrilled to help bring CHERRYWORLD to consumers throughout California” commented KSS President Brooks Jorgensen. “The brand truly encapsulates the essence of the California mindset across fashion, art and culture, and we are confident CHERRYWORLD will resonate widely amongst consumers across the state”.

CHERRYWORLD is inspired by the intersections of California culture that is heavily influenced by skateboarding, fashion, music, and art. The brand is dedicated to today’s generation of cultivated and curious insiders, reflecting the carefree, laid-back mindset made popular by Los Angeles’ 1980s and 1990s skateboarding scene. Their foundation is built on independence, community, and raw self-expression.

“I am thrilled to introduce and formally launch  CHERRYWORLD in partnership with Kiva Sales & Services. CHERRYWORLD offers a new way of thinking and a fresh direction rooted in skateboarding, fashion, art  and culture to the cannabis community,” said Joshua LeVine, Co-Founder of CHERRWORLD. “It is extremely important to work with the best as we build the CHERRYWORLD community and brand and the opportunity to partner with KSS from  the onset is an exceptional one.”

At launch, CHERRYWORLD will offer a full program of retail support including budtender  training, gifting of 1g nuggs, 2pk .35g preroll as well as select fashion apparel, accessories, and merchandise. CHERRYWORLD packaging is striking and quickly identifiable. The brand draws inspiration from the playful, sun-soaked aesthetic of early skateboarding ads of the 1980’s. CHERRYWORLD packaging is color coded by strain type, pink / hybrid, bright green /  sativa, black / indica, which makes them entirely unique from any other KSS brand.

Kiva Sales and Service has extensive experience elevating new and innovative products, while offering a visionary approach to connect with new, untapped cannabis consumers. This new partnership will accelerate expansion of CHERRYWORLD throughout California via strategic deployment of distribution resources, and an integrated sales approach between CHERRYWORLD and KSS sales teams.

For more information on CHERRYWORLD’s product offerings and retailers, visit https://cherryworld.com/ and follow the brand on Instagram at @cherryworldint

OAKLAND, Calif.Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

SOURCE: Kiva Sales & Service

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