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When you’re on the 405 freeway and realize you need to make a pit stop for an eighth, this happens.

So, I stopped at www.thecornerlbc.com and bought some www.californialovecannabis.com , and this is what happened.

“Just hit the east side of the LBC On a mission tryin’ to find Mr. Warren G.”

Let me give you a scenario: I just got off the 710 freeway, and I’m headed to a dinner party in Orange County. I am now driving along the 405s freeway when my friend calls and asks if I have any cannabis, grass, marijuana, etc. It didn’t matter what you called it; I didn’t have any with me. Being a Long Beach native and a self-proclaimed cannabis expert, I thought: “Where are the dispensaries nearby?”. I had a lightbulb moment when I passed the Long Beach Blvd exit, and I said, “I’ll take 405 South East Spring Street and stop at www.thecornerlbc.com.” And I did!

When I pulled into the CRNR parking lot, I went inside to see what was happening. Upon entering, I immediately thought, “This is dope.” The walls were filled with books and engaging posters, I saw a really cool one of The Delta 9 genetics. They also had an incredible display from a brand called Fresh Baked. The CRNR is a dispensary I would definitely go back to. The store was clean and felt very safe, thanks to their friendly but professional armed guards. The CRNR was very reminiscent of the city of Long Beach and its most beloved one-time residents in terms of the overall vibe.

I’m thinking of names such as Snoop Dogg, Giveon, and of course, the late great Nate Dogg. I would use simple words such as fun, chill, and welcoming to describe this feeling.

At this point, it was time to check-in and handle the necessary paperwork. After I had completed the paperwork, it was time to explore the store and check out all the different products and brands. Their knowledgeable staff made me feel welcomed and compelled to return for two main reasons.

1.Their wide range of products

2.Excellent bud tenders and customer service

It was awesome talking with the staff. They knew a lot about the products and brand they carried. Among the choices were drinks, vapes, edibles, and a variety of different marijuana strains and brands. There were super hot higher-priced strains and everything in between. Regardless of what you were looking for, they had it. In the end, I went with a strain called “Dosilato” from a brand called www.californialovecannabis.com . Overall, I had a great time during my quick stop, and I’d definitely come back again. Thanks to everyone at the CRNR!  

Dispensary takeaways :

✅ In my opinion, the CRNR is a dope dispensary that takes good care of their customers
✅ Their staff, safety, and selection are top-notch.

Brand review & take aways:

California Love

California Love
3.8 5 0 1
3.8 rating
Total Score

My take aways after smoking California Love:

✅ I got a nice, steady high from the flower all night, and it was fresh and beautifully scented.
✅ Overall the experience was great. It was exactly what I needed.
✅ Well-designed and informative labeling that really helps explain some of the strain’s effects and benefits

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Peace & Love,

P.s. Keep it Grassy and Classy!

Source: Musixmatch: Songwriters: Nathaniel Hale / Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller / Warren Iii Griffin

Image Source: www.thecornerlbc.com

Regulate lyrics © Suge Publishing, Nate Dogg Music

Artist: Warren G Featured artist: Nate Dogg Album: Above the Rim Released: 1994

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