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According to recent research conducted, Marijuana can inhibit the growth of colon cancer. Marijuana has its benefits when treating or reducing any effects of cancer.

Marijuana affecting cancer symptoms

Numerous studies have proven that smoked Marijuana can help treat vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy.

Moreover, a few studies have found that inhaled Marijuana can assist in treating neuropathic pain due to nerves damage.

More recently, scientists have found that the medical use of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, slows down some animal studies to prove the kinds of cancer cells that grow in lab dishes.

Some animal studies prove this too. But only relying on Marijuana and avoiding conventional medication for cancer can cause serious health issues.

How does cannabis affect cancer symptoms?

According to various studies, dronabinol can reduce vomiting and nausea because of chemotherapy. But it hasn’t been proven to be better than placebo or megestrol acetate.

However, Nabiximols show promise for helping people alleviate cancer pain who do not relieve by any strong pain medications. But you have to make sure you use it as an add-on, not as a cure. These include THCs and CBDs. The fastest delivery route is vaping, and you might have to deal with some trials and errors to find the proper doses. But most people can figure out the right doses according to their requirements.

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