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Recreational use became legal in California back in 2018, and this legalization of marijuana regulation and adult-use cannabis came from the voter passage of November 2016’s Proposition 64.

What does the state law say?

According to California Law, adults can now possess up to an ounce of dry Marijuana or eight grains of cannabis. They can also grow up to six plants for personal consumption, but with certain restrictions.

Adults exceeding these restrictions and amounts for recreational Marijuana can serve a misdemeanor charge and a punishment of up to 6 months in county jail with fines up to USD 500.

While people under 21 can be charged with an infraction and fined then sentenced with community service or drug counseling.

Transport and sale restrictions

There are still restrictions on the sale and transport of Marijuana or to possess it with selling intentions if you don’t have local and state licenses. People with a serious criminal history and multiple drug convictions can charge a felony for messing with the state’s drug laws.

Illegal under Federal law

Under federal law, Marijuana is still illegal. But no one can anticipate federal prosecutors in California going after people using Marijuana, according to state or local government regulators. But it is better to comply with those laws.

Marijuana possession or consumption offense in California

In most cases, marijuana possession and consumption in California under federal law is a misdemeanor or infraction. The age should be 21 or older, and a punishment of 6 months of jail time with a fine of USD 500 can be laid. But if the person is under 18, either a fine or community service or drug counseling is charged. This is especially the case if no past criminal history is available. But if there is a criminal history, then a felony is with jail time and a fine.

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