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Excess of everything is bad. This proverb also fits well in the case of Cannabis. However, When we smoke Cannabis responsibly, it brings plenty of benefits to our social life. This includes improving mood, depressive symptoms, lowering anxiety and stress.

Here are some social occasions and reasons how Cannabis can be beneficial to our social life.

According to historical records, people have used Cannabis for social purposes. For example, ancientHindus did not favor using alcohol, but they accepted Cannabis.

Likewise, wealthy people of Ancient Rome finished their banquets with a dessert featuring cannabis seeds.

These desserts were famous for the good feeling that they caused. In Ancient India and even in weddings today, Cannabis or bhang is served as a sign of hospitality and good charms.

In modern times, people use Cannabis for different activities and special occasions. Cannabis allows you to concentrate and relax in appropriate proportions, and moreover, it allows you to enjoy many activities even more.

Cannabis users prefer using it to make more out of eating, socializing, playing sports, watching movies listening to music, and doing sex as Cannabis makes these activities more enjoyable.

Cannabis also improves the overall creativity of some people. So, at times, people use Cannabis to make those mundane tasks a lot more fun.

Using Cannabis recreationally or socially becomes a regular part of an individual’s life. And this goes without any contributions to negative health, economic, legal, or social activities. On the contrary, most people use Cannabis responsibly to improve the overall quality of their lives. It is not about getting high for these people; it’s just like others who use coffee or alcohol.

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