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2024 Hall Of Flowers Ventura County Fairgrounds

What’s all the hype about? It makes sense to ask that… but despite the hype, Hall of Flowers is the real deal. The event is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced, and it must be experienced to be believed. Hall of Flowers discovery process is very similar to finding a reliable plug or meeting a genuinely good grower who won’t steal from you. It’s one of those things you learn with experience, it’s like you can tell if you know, and if you don’t, no worries, there’s more you may need to worry about. Let’s get back to what happened now that we know the show was dope.

I believe the hype surrounding Hall of Flowers is genuine. It’s a brilliant idea! It’s a Grassy utopia. This is one of the best cannabis industry events around. There was a chill vibe in the air. “But what was the vibe like?” It was the kind of vibe you’d have liked to have been invited to. You’ll be glad you went and hope to get another invitation upon returning.

I’ll keep things short and sweet. It was a two-day trip, and I would have liked to return for a third. Good vibes, beautiful people, grass, music, and food fills your belly as the ocean breeze fills your lungs. In a nutshell, that’s what the Hall of Flowers had to offer.

“Finding the perfect booth was a breeze, thanks to Gelato’s exceptional team. Their booth was a clear standout, leaving all other contenders behind. I couldn’t resist their irresistible charm and tempting treats. The vibes were amazing. Good flower. The event included ice cream, a maze, and other attractions. There was nothing else like it. It was something you had to see. There was a lot of effort put into it. It was money well spent. The branding effort was well executed. In the end, it was the Gelato team who stole the show. They set the bar for everyone else and showed everyone how to do it right. There was no doubt about it.

LITTO and “The Standard” were the two most noteworthy newcomers to the show. My first experiences with both products was positive, and I was impressed with their branding and packaging. Both brands have produced high quality products and delivered on design and clearly have an eye for detail. These brands are worth adding to your retail shop or delivery service shelves. These two brands are Grassymag approved!

Day 1: – LITTO

Day 2: – The Standard

The most enjoyable grass experience during the two days was:

Day 1: Maven

Thank you to the whole team at Maven!

With Maven, nothing is impossible. They’re one of our main go-to’s for top-shelf fire. Mavens strains are of the highest quality, and the flower is hand-trimmed and handled carefully to maintain integrity. Regardless of the strain, this can be seen consistently…Ask for Maven at your local dispensary.

Day 2: Wonderbrett

Thank you to the Wonderbrett team!

The Wonderbrett team has awesome flower that is clean, green, and mean… Regardless of the strain, these guys consistently deliver top shelf quality. There is no doubt that their grass is great, and their branding is second to none.

Thank you vibes & shout-outs:

Shout-outs to: Sydney, and the team at Off the Charts

Shout-outs to: The cool people from Cookies

Shout-outs to: The Autumn Brands team

Shout-Outs to: The cool people from Phinest

Shout-Outs to: The staff at Hall of Flowers

As far as the industry is concerned, what else can I say? Overall, it was a great experience…

There is no doubt this is a must-attend industry event and the community is only growing and becoming better over time. It provides ourselves and others with the opportunity to expand our network and to further broaden our community connections. In our opinion and based on the good turnout and happy visitors, Hall of Flowers put on a well-planned and executed event, which is now the industry standard. There is a good chance that these types of events will become more common. We look forward to seeing you at the next show in September.

Please keep it Grassy & Classy until then…

Source: Grassymag/PRNewswire

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