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This partnership will reimagine personalized health with genomics and raw PPG biometric data and create a comprehensive non-invasive and reliable precision therapeutics solution

EndoCanna Health (“EndoCanna”), the industry leader in endocannabinoid system genomic testing, has chosen to partner with Biostrap USA, LLC (“Biostrap”), a digital health leader in pioneering the industry of medical-grade biosensors, data processing techniques and machine learning, to offer a personalized therapeutics solution.

The Endocanna Health and Biostrap partnership will reimagine personalized health with genomics and raw PPG biometric data to create a comprehensive non-invasive and reliable precision therapeutics solution.

“It’s the raw data that really separated Biostrap from everybody else.”

“By aligning DNA with biometrics, we are able to create hyper-personalization to offer better outcomes while minimizing adverse reactions,” Len May, CEO and Founder of EndoCanna Health said, adding that “it’s the raw data that really separated Biostrap from everybody else. Using the Biostrap wrist-worn device, we’re able to verify the efficacy and the outcome of the actual protocol that’s been suggested, creating a truly personalized therapeutic experience.”

CBD and cannabinoid products available on the US market today are vast. According to Statista, sales of legal recreational cannabis are expected to reach an estimated $25 billion by 2025. While, sales of CBD products are expected to grow to $16 billion in value by 2026.

Each year, millions of people turn to these therapeutics for various reasons from easing chronic pain or anxiety and depression to helping with sleep and elevating overall mood. However, more often than not, the efficacy of these products remain questionable on an individual level. Thus, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

The cannabis plant has more than 500 compounds and over 100 cannabinoids of which, CBD is one and THC is another. In addition to that, every individual has a unique endocannabinoid system, or ECS, that is made up of millions of cannabinoid receptors throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems.

How a person’s body reacts to any type of CBD or cannabinoid product will depend on their ECS and genetic makeup. That’s where the EndoCanna and Biostrap partnership makes a difference.

Through analyzing more than 675,000 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) related to the ECS, the science team at EndoCanna has been able to uncover unique endocannabinoid genotypes to provide precision matching of cannabinoid and THC ratios and terpene profiles for an individual’s health goals.

Taking it a step further, combining genomic data with Biostrap’s ultra high-fidelity raw photoplethysmography, or PPG, biometric data will offer a wrist-worn, non-invasive way to measure treatment efficacy, improve outcomes and minimize risk or any adverse side effects.

After establishing an individual’s endocannabinoid profile and receiving a personal protocol from a medical professional, an EndoCanna Care Counselor will monitor each client’s sleep and nocturnal biometrics through a HIPAA-compliant platform to provide feedback and help interpret the data.

“This is the kind of partnership that shows how Biostrap’s clinically reliable PPG data can bridge the gap between personalizing health interventions and treatments, and monitoring the efficacy of a prescribed protocol with data-driven accuracy,” Sameer Sontakey, CEO and Co-Founder of Biostrap said. “Our team believes that providing a secure, reliable and cloud-based remote physiologic monitoring platform can truly help personalize and optimize the precision therapeutics experience.”

About EndoCanna Health

Endocanna Health is the industry leader in endocannabinoid system genomic testing and the manufacturer of genetically aligned formulations that create optimal cannabis experiences.

Endocanna is a biotechnology research company that utilizes a patent-pending process for its cannabinoid DNA variant report, EndoDecoded™, and product matching algorithm, EndoAligned™. EndoDNA™ provides two ways to submit DNA for analysis, either collected through a simple saliva swab or a direct upload of genetic data files from popular DNA testing services like Ancestry, 23andMe, Family TreeDNA, or MyHeritage DNA. Endocanna’s HIPAA compliant and secure health and wellness portal, Mydna.live, provides customers with a personalized experience to access their EndoDecoded report and EndoAligned formulation suggestions for their specific genotype.

Learn more at www.endodna.com.

BURBANK, Calif.Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

SOURCE: Biostrap

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