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Megan’s Organic Market, a wholesome cannabis storefront, is opening its fourth location and the first licensed cannabis dispensary in El Centro, California. Located at 599 N. La Brucherie Road, the 100% women-owned market provides a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices.

Megan's Organic Market offers a unique and friendly open-concept shopping experience.

To celebrate the launch of Megan’s Organic Market, members of the media and public are invited to the Grand Opening event on Saturday, August 26th starting at 9 a.m. PST. The celebration will include product-filled penny gift bags for the first 300 customers, all-day deals, delicious food, entertainment, and more.

“We are excited to welcome the El Centro community into a space where they can safely explore cannabis and embrace its benefits,” said Megan Souza, CEO and co-founder at Megan’s Organic Market. “Knowing that we will be many people’s first introduction to legal cannabis retail, we want to do it right and set a higher standard for the industry.”

Megan’s Organic Market (affectionately known as MOM) offers a unique experience unlike other cannabis dispensaries. When guests enter the warm, whimsical space, they are greeted by knowledgeable team members ready to answer any questions and help them find the perfect cannabis solution for their needs. As they wander, shoppers can pick up and check out CBD wellness products, cannabis-infused chocolate, gummies, and mints, as well as cannabis prerolls, bud, vapes, and concentrates—all openly displayed on tables and shelves. This open concept shopping experience is part of the company’s commitment to creating an inviting and communal place where customers feel like friends.

With an intimate understanding of the cannabis industry at all levels from seed to sale, Souza has created a wholesome storefront where cannabis is destigmatized and consumers from all walks of life are welcome. She places an emphasis on education, providing resources both in store and on the MOM website so users can make informed decisions and embrace the benefits of cannabis.

“It is a privilege to serve on the Community Fund set up by Megan’s Organic Market (MOM),” said Anne Irigoyen, Community Fund Advisory Board Member. “This 100% women-owned business provides direct and meaningful support to organizations and efforts in the Imperial Valley that are greatly needed.”

By choosing MOM, residents of El Centro can expect not only an exceptional retail experience, but also trust that their support will contribute to the growth and wellbeing of the local community. With its exemplary track record of responsible community stewardship, MOM will dedicate volunteer hours and donate 1% of gross sales into a Community Benefit Fund overseen by El Centro locals.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to not only serve on this advisory committee, but to share information about the generous funding MOM is providing for our needs as well as my gratitude for the positive impact MOM is making in Imperial Valley,” said Irigoyen.

To learn more, sign up for email updates and deals at www.megansorganicmarket.com and follow Megan’s Organic Market on Instagram and Facebook @SayHighMOM.

Source: Grassymag/PRNewswire/Megan’s Organic Market

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