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Packaged 5/25/2023
Thc percentage 32.40%
Total cannabinoids 38.62%

I was excited to see this new cross from Fig Farms. Based out of Oakland, Fig Farms has been crushing it way before pre legalization. I was introduced to their works by @James when he brought some banana fig down from a high times event to sesh. Fast forward the quality hasn’t changed.

The Smell of this gmo sherb is crazy. Reminds me of opening up cherry Robitussin when I was a kid.  A very strong terp profile that screams from the jar. Terps are extremely robust and loud.

Smoke was sweet and raunchy. Loudddd. Berry Kool aid then surrounded by that gmo funk and strength. An experience that stimulates your senses.

✅  High is very strong

✅ Thoughts are slow and difficult

✅ Extremely relaxed

✅ Great for nighttime sleep & pain management.

✅ Overall: A breath of fresh air. Mind numbing

✅ 8.5/10

Source: Grassymag / The_Cannabis_Connoisseurs 

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