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Premier cannabis company expands Mitten Extracts product offering and introduces ten new flavors developed using live resin terpenes

Cloud Cannabis, the leading single-state operator and vertically integrated cannabis business in Michigan, today announced the launch of Mitten +PLUS Disposable Vape Cartridges, developed by Cloud’s wholesale brand, Mitten Extracts. Mitten +PLUS will be available beginning October 22nd at all Cloud dispensaries, in addition to retail partners across the state, including House of Dank, Jars, Dispo, Puff, Consume and Quality Roots.

Courtesy of Cloud Cannabis

Crafted using premium distillate and live resin terpenes, the Mitten +PLUS disposable vapes will feature ten new strains: Banana Milk, Black Cherry Punch, Blue Dream, Gushers, OG Kush, Rainbow Belt, Runtz, Strawberry Sherbet, Watermelon Burst and White Cherry Gelato. Retailing for $30, the 1-gram disposables are inhale-activated and include a micro USB port for recharging and a 280 mAh battery.

“Mitten Extracts has solidified its presence in the 510-cartridge market by consistently producing high potency, superior quality concentrates,” said George Hallak, Director of Product Development, Mitten Extracts/Cloud Cannabis. “This commitment remains true with our new Mitten +PLUS disposable vapes, and we’re excited to expand our product offering for customers seeking the most up-to-date and convenient delivery systems available.”

Founded in 2018 and acquired by Cloud in 2020, Mitten Extracts was developed in the Michigan caregiver market by two friends, Jacob Saboo and George Hallak, with a mission to deliver a brand focused on potency, locality and craft. Today, the brand produces cartridges, concentrates and edibles and has expanded its footprint, providing thoughtfully crafted, Michigan-made cannabis products to over 200 retailers across the state.

TROY, Mich.Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/

SOURCE: Cloud Cannabis Co.

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