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California cannabis vanguards Tommy ChongLuke Anderson (Cann), Tiffany Chin (Death Row Records), Graham Farrar (Glass House Group) and more attending to focus on high-impact networking as leaders craft the future of the state‘s landscape

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, one of the longest-running cannabis capital events in the U.S. attracting over 5,000 participants annually, is coming to Los Angeles with the inaugural “Cannabis Market Spotlight: California” event. On February 22 at Bioscience LA in Culver City, the regional event will connect top industry leaders to push industry innovation in one of the country’s most talked-about, dynamic markets.

The Cannabis Market Spotlight, a series of localized events spanning from coast to coast, will kick off in Los Angeles and travel around the U.S. in 2024 and beyond. As the cannabis industry’s foremost networking event, the Benzinga Cannabis Market Spotlight allows cannabis industry executives to collaborate, gain insider insights into the investment landscape and shape the evolving markets in California and across the country. Through structured sessions and casual mixers, each interaction can become a potential business breakthrough.

The event will feature a variety of executives from long-standing cannabis brands who have shaped both the California and national landscape, including Cann, TerrAscend and Old Pal, along with investors from Mindset Capital, Poseidon Investment Management and more. Speakers include well-known local conversation starters such as Graham Farrar of Glass House Group, Elliot Lewis of Catalyst Cannabis Co., Jon Cappetta of High Times, Sahar Ayinehsazian of Vicente LLP and more. Panels are set to cover a spectrum of topics relevant to the mature yet turbulent California market, including “Dominating Crowded Markets”, “Effective Strategies to Convert Illicit Market Consumers” and “The Capital Markets of California Cannabis”, to name a few. The day caps off with a cocktail hour, where registered attendees can mingle with the likes of cannabis trailblazer Tommy Chong, among others.

“As we prepare for our 18th national conference this April, Benzinga is broadening its scope with a mix of media, leadership insights, and networking opportunities,” said Elliot Lane, co-host of the Benzinga Cannabis Podcast and lead event organizer. “The Cannabis Market Spotlight events are initiating this expansion in some of the most dynamic markets in the country. It feels only right to begin the series by spotlighting California, an influential player in the United States cannabis space.”

California stands as a pivotal market in the cannabis sector, rightfully earning its nickname as the Golden State,” said Javier Hasse, head of content at Benzinga. “The decision to extend our offerings, including our content, partnerships, and networking opportunities to California, comes at an opportune time as it plays a critical role in directing the worldwide cannabis discourse.”

Ticket prices will increase as the date of the conference approaches. Benzinga provides discounted tickets for the conference to cannabis business owners who have obtained state certification for their social equity initiatives. Attendees can purchase tickets here. For sponsorship opportunities, apply here.

For more information, visit www.benzinga.com/events/cannabis-conference.

Source: Grassymag/PRNewswire/Benzinga

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