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Priscilla Vilchis, the self-proclaimed “Hollyweedqueen,” has partnered with rap icon Lil Kim to launch a new premium cannabis brand called Aphrodisiak. The two queens are taking over the Las Vegas market and breaking barriers as female entrepreneurs in the male-dominated cannabis industry.

Lil' Kim's Aphrodisiak

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.

Aphrodisiak’s mission is not only to provide high-quality cannabis products but also to promote social justice and inclusivity. Vilchis, who was branded the top female face of cannabis, is passionate about breaking down the barriers that prevent women and people of color from thriving in the industry.

The brand’s initial product line includes a variety of strains and cannabis- infused products that are designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure. They are dropping their line at Planet 13 in Las Vegas, the largest dispensary in the world.

Lil’ Kims Meet N Greet

“We want to create a brand that empowers and uplifts women and pro- motes healthy, enjoyable relationships,” says Vilchis. “We’re proud to partner with Lil Kim, who shares our vision for creating a brand that is inclusive, empowering, and forward-thinking.”

Aphrodisiak’s products are designed to cater to a diverse range of con- sumers, including those seeking relief from pain and anxiety, as well as those looking to enhance their sexual experiences. Their products are made with the highest quality ingredients and undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistency and purity.

“As female entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to support other women and marginalized groups,” says Lil Kim. “We’re proud to be part of a brand that is not only providing amazing products but also making a difference in the world.”

Overall, Aphrodisiak is a premium cannabis brand that is taking Las Vegas by storm with its high-quality products, as the cannabis industry contin- ues to grow and evolve, brands like Aphrodisiak are leading the way in creating a more diverse, inclusive, and socially responsible industry.

Source:PRNewswire/ Grassymag

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