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Akseera has been scientifically investigating the medicinal benefits of synthetic Cannabinoids since 2016. These research projects have shown the huge untapped potential in various unmet healthcare needs, including prevention and prophylaxis of COVID-19.

Prof. Robin Duncan, the lead investigator at the University of Waterloo, explains that even before the immune system notices a virus is present; infected cells in the lungs or the digestive tract can sense and respond to this virus. They do this by activating innate responses within cells. However, with COVID-19, this response isn’t as effective; which results in high infection rates.

With an RNA-type virus, like SARS-CoV-2, cells should activate an innate system that cuts up the viral genome, which also causes infected cells to undergo a process called apoptosis – a sort of controlled cell death that gets rid of infected cells early on. This could stop an infection, or slow its spread in the body or to others. When we combined our patented dose of CBD with these viral proteins, they had a much better ability to activate this system and to activate apoptosis.

Further, and more exciting, is that in cells that have not been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 proteins, CBD also seemed to prime the innate anti-viral system of cells, increasing their readiness to respond to viral infection – and that this happened without activating the process of apoptosis in healthy cells.

This is supported by evidence from users of a high-dose pharmaceutical CBD licensed in the United States for the treatment of rare types of epilepsy. In that study, patients taking prescription high-dose CBD showed a 10-fold lower risk of testing positive for COVID-19.

Akseera owns patents for use of CBD for COVID-19 shown in this research; in addition to the patents for the appropriate dosages, delivery systems and timing of administration with CBD for COVID prevention and treatment.

While vaccines are the first line of defence, Akseera’s product may supplement vaccines or be of use in population groups that do not have access to the vaccine; especially in countries where vaccinations face logistical challenges.  Pharmaceutical CBD is USFDA approved for children over the age of 1 year and prescribed for childhood epilepsy. It’s proven safety profile makes Akseera’s patented CBD product a potential intervention to prevent spread of COVID-19 among this age group, that may not be eligible for vaccines.

Dr. Shreema Merchant, President, Akseera Pharma states, “Synthetic or lab created CBD has lived up to our name, in that it is proving to be an ‘Akseer’ (Sanskrit for potent) treatment option for unmet medical needs; including COVID-19.”

Manit Patel, CEO, Akseera, added, “We are committed to translate this research into prescription products that will benefit the world.”

VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Akseera Pharma Corp., a Canadian company, is leading the research surrounding CBD and COVID-19. Specifically, they have collaborated with premier universities studying the potential of CBD as a therapeutic.

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