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On a mission to improve product quality and strengthen consumer trust, ACS Laboratory, the largest hemp and cannabis testing facility in the eastern U.S., developed an HHC Potency Test and corresponding Metals Testing Bundle tailored to HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) products. By adding this minor cannabinoid to its repertoire, ACS Laboratory now tests for 23 cannabinoids, more than any lab in the U.S.

HHC is a legal hemp derivative, like Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC, that has shown to deliver mild psychoactive effects. However, unlike Delta-8, Delta-10 and the illicit Delta-9 THC, HHC is not a tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s an unregulated chemical class known as hexahydrocannabinol, produced through hydrogenating Delta-8 using metal catalysts.

“On the surface, Delta-8 THC and HHC appear to be very similar. In fact, many laboratories can’t tell the difference when analyzing test results. However, HHC is an entirely different compound and the next evolution in hemp, which offers significant clinical potential. It’s up to laboratories like ACS Laboratory to accurately identify HHC and ensure products are properly labeled,” said Roger Brown, president and founder of ACS Laboratory.

Laboratories are also responsible to ensure products are safe and free from harmful residual compounds. In order to do that, ACS Laboratory collaborated with HHC manufacturers to create a corresponding HHC Metals Testing Bundle.

Brown continued, “We are excited to be one of the only laboratories nationwide to offer precision HHC testing with a supporting safety analysis. By working with our team, HHC brands can improve transparency and consumer trust, while delivering a far superior end-product.” An ISO 17025 accredited, DEA licensed, and CLIA licensed accredited laboratory, ACS Laboratory offers the largest state-of-the-art testing facility in cannabis and hemp testing in the eastern U.S. It is on a mission to support cannabis companies in their pursuit to deliver clean, safe, and innovative products that promote positive progress in the industry. ACS Laboratory is always ahead of the development curve, continually enhancing its testing methodologies and developing new tests for harmful toxins, therapeutic terpenes, and minor cannabinoids.

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