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Shoppers will delight in an exploration of a thoughtfully curated selection of cannabis products amidst a backdrop of saltwater aquariums, a range of technological education tools, soothing fragrances, and music

High Seas, a premier cannabis boutique located at 1921 Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa, is thrilled to announce its grand opening today. They are dedicated to offering high-quality cannabis products to adults ages 21 and older all over Costa Mesa and the neighboring cities. The team at High Seas, is very committed to responsible and compliant operations. High Seas prioritizes safety, security, and community engagement while contributing to the local economy. The concept boutique offers an upscale shopping experience that seeks to remove barriers for Southern California cannabis shoppers—lack of knowledge, intimidation, or murky language—that prevent them from enjoying cannabis to enrich and achieve their lifestyle and wellness goals.

Upon entering the Orange County cannabis boutique, shoppers will be transported on a sensory journey that engages touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell. The spacious 1200-square-foot lobby is gently lit, and guests are offered complimentary kombucha, water, and coffee to enjoy during their visit. A virtual staff member welcomes and invites you to explore the boutique, starting with a showcase of several cannabis brands. Guests are welcomed into the boutique by their host and budtender, who invites shoppers to follow their wonder and curiosity with easily displayed products designed to be smelled and touched so consumers can preview the product experience. The 2500-square-foot shopping lounge showcases eye-catching marine life in aquariums and over 120 curated craft cannabis brands with varying types of products. Soothing fragrances and music add to the quiet luxury ambiance of the boutique.

Michael Moussalli, co-founder of High Seas, said, “Many shoppers in the Orange County and Costa Mesa communities are curious about the wellness and lifestyle benefits of cannabis. We have gone above and beyond to create a new standard for exploring and experiencing cannabis shopping in SoCal.”

Rachel Xin, co-founder of High Seas, added, “The entire boutique is designed to welcome guests by engaging their senses and their imaginations. It’s a dispensary that consumers must come and see. We’re focused on offering bespoke recommendations and education based on lifestyle and experience, from micro-dosing edibles to uplifting cannabis beverages or the ritual of premium flower; we have considered the guest’s every need with the experience and product lineup.”

All High Seas budtenders have completed a detailed training program to understand the variety of cannabinoids, cannabis formats, and strains, as well as the effects and benefits of each, so they can provide information and advice to new and experienced consumers alike. At High Seas, finding the right product is easy and clear.

With consumer education at the center of its mission, High Seas will host a series of educational pop-up events in collaboration with brands in the coming months. These events will provide invaluable opportunities for consumers to deepen their understanding of cannabis and related products. High Seas also remains dedicated to serving Costa Mesa and its surrounding communities by continuing its successful beach clean-up events initiated last summer. These initiatives underscore the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being.

High Seas originally planned to open in September 2023, but their commitment was tested over the last several months. Their journey to opening was fraught with unnecessary permit delays and contending with allegations of illegal activity motivated by a systemic, self-appointed morality campaign by municipal operators who have a well-documented “anti-vice” agenda. The operators also have a history of targeting legally operating businesses such as lingerie stores and day spas with unfounded accusations of illegal activity in Costa Mesa and other California municipalities. Fortunately, the allegations against High Seas were proven false, allowing the multi-million-dollar boutique to open. Through determination and perseverance, the co-founders have emerged victorious and are eager to provide the community with a premium cannabis retail experience.

Xin added, “We weathered the storm, and now we’re finally ready to enjoy the boutique alongside Southern California’s most discerning cannabis seekers. Despite the challenges, we remain committed to offering the best dispensary experience in Orange County.”

For more information on their legal battle with the city, read the LA Times or SF Gate.

For more information, visit www.shophighseas.com or follow them on Instagram. High Seas is open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM

Source: Grassymag/PRNewswire/High Seas

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