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As the largest cannabis dispensary in the world, Planet13 is a force to be reckoned with. VP of Marketing David Farris takes us on a tour of their impressive Las Vegas operation and shares his ambitious plans for the future.

I recently experienced a unique peek into the inner workings of one of America’s largest cannabis companies, Planet13. With my guide and VP of Marketing David Farris as our tour conductor, I got an inside glimpse at their expansive business which employs over 600+ people across multiple states!

As we discussed product selection, expansion goals and more. It was plain to see that his ambition for scaling up is larger than life. His drive certainly made some serious waves in me. It was clear to me why he was in the position he was in. His confidence and demeanor were inspiring. People like David can inspire not just those who work around him on a daily basis, but anyone who is determined enough to pursue their dreams.

His assurance on behalf of Planet13 showcases their confidence in being industry leaders while simultaneously exuding humility as opposed to any sense of entitlement! With this great attitude and forward-thinking view for Nevada and the other markets they’ve already started expanding to, you won’t want to miss out on what else will come from Planet13

Whether you have worked for or operated cannabis companies or another large company in your field of expertise, this is for you. In this case, “Size matters.” It’s hard not to admire and applaud the largest retailer from “the entertainment capital of the world.”

Though we all may hear and read about this company and their Las Vegas location before visiting, nothing can prepare you for its magnitude until seeing it first hand. If what I’ve experienced isn’t a standard worth striving towards or competing with – then who and what company is? We’d love to know on which planet such excellence could be found…because it’s currently happening at Planet13.

The facility has robotic arms! “Yes, I thought you’d be impressed.”

In response to a question about how data plays a crucial role in their business operations, David said “they pay attention to it just like any other retailer.” Among other things, he said “they use it to monitor supply chains, strain demand, and other aspects of the cannabis industry.”

When I commented on how clean, organized, safe, and welcoming everything at his facility felt, he said, “It only looks like a well-oiled machine because of all the hard work you put into it everyday ”. He expressed gratitude for the staff members who make all this happen 24 hours a day. Together with their hard-working executive team. From ownership down. Through the years, months, days, hours, and minutes.

David also mentioned that it’s been “blood, sweat, and tears invested in building this type of operation.” It was clear to me that David and his founding team have gone to extraordinary lengths in order to make Planet13 something truly special. He likens it to running a small city or five-star hotel behind the scenes, but all with one goal – creating an incredible experience for visitors. As we look ahead towards next year’s opening of their consumption lounge, David shared some exciting plans that will make this Las Vegas destination unmissable!

David unveiled Planet13’s newest venture: the upcoming consumption lounge opening in 2023 that will focus on enhancing customer experience with a great atmosphere, awesome food and infused or non-infused options. David confirmed they’ll be getting rid of their liquor license but gave no exact date for the grand opening.

He did promise to make sure Grassymag.com would be at the launch though! Plus, even more exciting news was hinted at when asked about statewide expansion opportunities. Stay tuned as we may soon see even more new retail locations popping up outside Nevada too!

Planet13 has already made huge strides in the cannabis industry and is now taking steps to expand their reach even further. The plans include not just retail locations, but product offerings too – all across the states of Nevada, California, Florida, and Illinois!

It’s clear that Planet13 is poised to make waves throughout a rapidly-growing sector. With their inviting and innovative approach suitable for tourists as well as locals alike. As far as their goals go, there seems to be no stopping them from achieving what they set out to do:

“Create something completely On A Planet Of Their Own”

Special thanks to Lisa, David, and the rest of the amazing staff at Planet13!

Keep it Classy & Grassy

Source: Grassymag Editor-in-Chief/David Farris

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