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3CHI, a leading innovator in the hemp and cannabis industry, today announced the introduction of D-SPEC (short for “Delta Specific”), a revolutionary high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) testing method that offers unmatched accuracy and reliability in determining the contents of hemp-derived products. While testing method development can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, 3CHI is giving away D-SPEC for free to cannabis labs and crime labs to bring much needed standardization to the industry.

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Developed to outperform traditional HPLC techniques and avoid the need to produce derivates for, and the potential cannabinoid rearrangements from high heats with, Gas Chromatography testing, D-SPEC is set to redefine the standards of quality, safety, and legal compliance in the rapidly growing hemp market.

D-SPEC is designed to achieve four essential objectives:

  1. Unparalleled accuracy in determining hemp product contents: By surpassing the capabilities of previous HPLC methods, D-SPEC provides a more precise and comprehensive analysis of the chemical makeup of hemp products, ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.
  2. “Fingerprint” chromatogram for counterfeit detection: D-SPEC’s unique “fingerprint” chromatogram offers a detailed representation of a product’s chemical makeup, which can be compared with batch testing results to definitively establish the authenticity of the product. This advanced feature empowers manufacturers to protect their brands from counterfeiting and guarantee the integrity of their products.
  3. Accurate determination of ∆9-THC amounts and legality: D-SPEC’s exceptional precision extends to the measurement of ∆9-THC concentrations in hemp products, accurately assessing their compliance with federal and state regulations. This vital capability not only ensures adherence to legal requirements but also promotes the safety and effectiveness of hemp products for consumers.
  4. Precision formulations for improved cannabis product consistency: The advanced capabilities of D-SPEC allow for the development of precision formulations that significantly enhance the consistency of cannabis products. This breakthrough ensures that consumers experience uniform, reliable effects across different batches and product lines.

“D-SPEC has elevated our own product offerings, and will now raise the bar industry-wide for product and consumer safety, reliability, and credibility,” said Justin Journay, CEO of 3CHI. “D-SPEC adoption will remove most of the industry’s bad actors and we hope the example of giving the method away for free launches a more collaborative and credible hemp testing industry going forward.”

With D-SPEC, 3CHI continues to lead the hemp industry in developing state-of-the-art solutions to meet the evolving needs of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. By offering superior accuracy in determining product contents, counterfeit detection, legal compliance, and product consistency, D-SPEC represents a significant advancement in hemp product safety.

For more information about D-SPEC or for labs requesting access to D-SPEC, visit www.3chi.com/d-spec/ and for 3CHI’s innovative range of hemp-derived products and services, please visit www.3chi.com

Source:PRNewswire/ Grassymag/3cHI


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