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John Kelleher brings a decade of experience as the previous general counsel for HubSpot, with a focus on company culture, compliance, governmental affairs  all while solving for the customer first

Dutchie — the technology platform powering cannabis commerce — today announced that John Kelleher will serve as Dutchie’s new general counsel. Kelleher will help to guide Dutchie’s culture and growth, with a specific focus on compliance, governmental affairs and public policy.

John Kelleher, General Counsel at Dutchie

“John has the experience and expertise we need to keep delivering on our mission and providing the best possible service to our customers,” said Ross Lipson, CEO and co-founder of Dutchie.

The cannabis industry is expected to be valued at $72B by 2030, though is held back from meeting its full potential absent federal legalization and a fragmented patchwork of state and local regulations. Dutchie’s solutions feature compliance tracking and requirements built directly into the software, providing all of its customers with the tools needed to stay compliant 100% of the time in any place where they operate.

Previously, Kelleher served for ten years as the general counsel for HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS), and eight years as general counsel for Endeca Technologies. Throughout his career, Kelleher has helped businesses unlock their next stages of growth, develop exemplary company cultures, and navigate complex regulatory and legal hurdles, and will continue to do so with Dutchie.

“From day one I’ve been impressed with Dutchie’s company culture and values, specifically our mission-driven focus on helping diverse communities realize the benefits that safe and legal cannabis is bringing to the world,” said John Kelleher, general counsel for Dutchie. “I look forward to working closely with the Dutchie team, our partners, and our customers to help continue to propel the industry forward with a solve for the customer first mindset.”

Kelleher joins Dutchie amidst massive business growth and rapidly expanding legal access to cannabis. Kelleher joining Dutchie follows quickly on the heels of the recent launches of Dutchie Pay and Dutchie POS, which further cement Dutchie as the industry’s all-in-one cannabis tech platform. To learn more about Dutchie, visit: https://business.dutchie.com/.

BEND, Ore. Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

SOURCE: Dutchie

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