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 MoJo Botanica LLC is a New Jersey-based Minority Owned Business (MBE) that takes a community-centric approach to craft cannabis cultivation and manufacturing. Their aspiration is to foster an inclusive cannabis ecosystem through purposeful collaboration and grassroots cooperation. This ethos prioritizes sustainable business practices and empowers informed, responsible consumption for adults, along with de–stigmatizing the plant.

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In the spirit of community centric collaboration, the MoJo crowdfunding campaign democratizes access to equity in an emerging market that would normally only be available to those with access to capital or insider knowledge. Tanmoy “TJ” Jadhav, the Founder and CEO of MoJo Botanica, said, “We are excited to launch this crowdfunding campaign. Our mission is to promote cannabis as a source of happiness, inspiration, and holistic wellness. With collaboration and community at the core of our business, we want to create an ecosystem that works together to shape the industry, empower ownership and drive positive change.”

To further reinforce this commitment, MoJo Botanica pledges two percent of its annual revenues toward direct investments in the community through partnerships with reputed non-profits and local municipalities.

MoJo aspires to become the gold standard for how a cannabis company should operate, by being the change it wishes to see in the industry; directly facilitating community development; advancing what it means to a responsible corporate citizen; and never compromising on product quality or consumer safety.

In order to make their vision a reality, the founders have invested half a million dollars of their own money to bootstrap the business in its startup phase. The stakes are high, but the chance to make a positive impact on the community through collaboration and expanded economic opportunity makes it worth it.

To learn more about MoJo’s crowdfunding campaign, visit https://www.sparkyourmojo.co.

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