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Pet Releaf, the trailblazing pioneer and #1 selling brand in the pet CBD industry, is thrilled to announce its continued dedication to being a family-owned and woman-operated company. With a long-standing commitment to providing high-quality CBD products for pets, Pet Releaf remains at the forefront of the industry while upholding its core values.

Since its inception, Pet Releaf has recognized the importance of nurturing a family-oriented business. Founded by Alina and Steve Smith and their daughter Chelsea Gennings more than a decade ago, the brand was built on a culture that places pets and their families at the heart of everything they do.

‘By remaining a family-owned brand over the years, we have maintained genuine authenticity and accountability with our customers,” said Co-Founder Chelsea Gennings. “Our customers know we will always put them and their pets first.”

Pet Releaf takes great pride in being a woman-operated company, paving the way for female leaders within the CBD and pet industry. From the executive team to the production floor, women play integral roles in shaping the direction and success of Pet Releaf. The company firmly believes in the empowerment of women and actively fosters an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives and contributions.

“Our commitment to being family-owned and woman-operated is a fundamental part of who we are as a company,” said Alina Smith, CEO of Pet Releaf. “We are proud to have built a strong foundation on these values and continue to drive innovation in the pet CBD industry while staying true to our roots.”

Pet Releaf’s unwavering dedication to producing premium, organic CBD products has positioned them as the industry’s leading and original pet CBD brand. Their dedication to transparency, third-party testing, organic ingredients, and sustainability ensures the well-being and vitality of pets. With a range of offerings including CBD chews, oils, topicals, and shampoos, Pet Releaf provides pet owners with a trusted source for their animals’ needs.

By staying ahead of industry trends, investing in research and development, and maintaining their commitment to quality, Pet Releaf ensures that their products continue to meet the highest standards of excellence, helping more than 5 million pets and counting. Pet Releaf takes pride in remaining a family-owned, women-operated business that continues to put families first.

SOURCE: PRNewswire/ Grassymag/ Pet Releaf

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